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Toronto Magician Vincent For Parties and Events!
Strolling Close-up Magic Shows!

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Welcome to Magical Entertainer Vincent's Cast of Costumed Characters!

He will appear fully dressed in each one which also includes its own Specially Designed Show!

They are also available for Strolling Entertainment! 

Scroll down this page to see them all!  



It's Cookie The Birthday Clown's FunTime Comedy Magic Show! He puts on a Hilarious Magic Show which includes Music, Dancing, Bubbles and More!
(Photo By Grace)

Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters! 

It's The Cool Ghostbusters Comedy Magic Show! Complete with Deluxe Replica Proton Backpack! It includes a Fun Magic Show, Music and Picture Posing! Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters!
(Photo By Grace)

 Singing Santa Claus! 
With a Twinkle in his eyes, Santa Claus Sings Christmas Songs, Reads Christmas Stories, Dances, Loves Picture Posing and giving out Presents!  
Make your Company or Home Christmas Party a Hit By inviting The Big Guy!
   Vincent performs an Exciting Christmas Magic Show!
A Specially Priced Christmas Magic Show/Santa Claus Program is also Available!
Just imagine a Fantastic Christmas Magic Show by a Classy Magician to entertain your guests! Then, after a short break, The Big Guy, Santa Claus, makes his appearance to Thunderous Applause! 
 Your Event Will be a Smash Hit!
  Howdy Partner! It's The Cowboy Vinny Wild West Magic Show! For a Knee Slappin' load of Fun and Laughs, Bring that Good Ol' Western Feelin' to your Party or Special Event!
              (Photo By Grace)             
                   Dr. Seuss The Cat In The Hat!
 Special Magic Show Entertainment Program for the Tiny Toddlers! Show includes Sing-Songs, Dancing, a Big Puppet Presentation, an Enchanting Finding Nemo Fish Tale with Magic, plus lots of Picture Posing!
 Beware! It's Pirate Vincenzo! Pirates of the Caribbean Show! Includes an Interactive Magic Show, Music, Picture Posing and More! Set Sail with Pirate Vincenzo for an Exciting Magical Time! 
(Photo By Grace)
The Fantastic Magical Adventures Of Indiana Jones! Complete with Bull Whip, Indy Thrills with a Show that is Action Packed with Magic, Audience Participation, Music, and a Trip Back in Time! If Adventure Has A Name, It Must Be Indiana Jones! 
   The Harry Potter Wizard Super Magic Show! Inspired by the Movies, this Very Special Magic Show includes Rare Mysterious Magic, Old Antique Handmade Props, Original Music and Songs, Lots of Audience Participation, as well as Picture Posing! All Ages!
 (Photo By Grace) 

The Amazing Spiderman Magic Show!
Can Spiderman do A Magic Show and Sing the
Spiderman Theme Song? This One Can!
  Look out! Here comes the Spiderman! Make your Child's Dream come True!
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